Preston Jones Jr.

I grew up in the Austin neighborhood in Chicago. I was lucky to have parents healthy enough to be able to work hard—in fact my dad held two jobs to make ends meet. We didn’t have much, but they’d saved enough to find a little house in Bellwood as I entered my adolescence. My mother was the soul of our household and made sure that my sister and I went to the best schools she could find and made us study hard. That hard work paid off, and I received scholarships for high school and college. After college, I attended law school at the University of Illinois when tuition was still affordable. I come from humble means and every day I think about the combination of luck and hard work, especially my parents’ hard work, that got me to this point.

In my 23-year career as an Assistant Public Defender in Cook County, I represented people in every stage of life and for every crime. For the past 13 years, I served as a member of Homicide Task Force at 26th and California. I have been lead counsel in dozens of jury trials, some lasting weeks, and The Chicago Bar Association recently found me “Highly Qualified” to be a judge- an honor of which I am especially proud.

I am a father myself, and I work to instill in my four children the same values my parents instilled in me- a good work ethic, compassion, and integrity. I have a son who is on the autism spectrum, and I want to ensure that he has the same opportunities as other children, so I coach his special needs soccer team. My children are my heart, and I pray for life to be good to them, although I recognize the value of some amount of struggle to instill character. On September 25, 2017 I was appointed to the bench by the Supreme Court of Illinois. I am honored to serve our citizens as a Judge and work hard every day to make sure that all the people in my court room, from the sheriff to the litigants, are treated fairly and with dignity.