Carrie M Austin

34th Ward Committeeperson
507 W. 111th St.
Chicago, IL 60628
P: 773-928-6876
F: 773-928-6638
About Carrie
Carrie M. Austin has been a staunch member of the 34th Ward Democratic Organization since 1972. She has been elected to serve as the 34th Ward Committeeman for six (6) terms. Committeeman Austin is likewise the Cook County Democratic Party Executive Chair, Vice Chair of Cook County Democratic Party of Illinois, State Central Committeeman – 2nd Congressional District, 2nd Sub-Circuit Judicial Selection Committee Chairman, 2-time Illinois Delegate for President Barack Obama and 2016 DNC Super Delegate. She’s worked under former 34th Ward Alderman Wilson Frost, Annette Bitoy, late husband former 34th Ward Alderman & Committeeman Lemuel Austin, Jr., former State Representative Nelson Rice, Sr. and former Congressman Mel Reynolds.

Carrie Austin is also a 6-term Alderman of the 34th Ward appointed August 3, 1994 to fulfill the unexpired term of her late husband Lemuel, Jr. Installed on May 23, 2007 as the City’s Chairman of Committee on the Budget & Government Operations, she is the second woman to serve in such capacity—a seat her late husband also served. A distinguished power-broker, she’s the “keeper of the budget,” affording jurisdiction over expenditure of all funds appropriated and expended by the City of Chicago and over all matters concerning organization, reorganization and efficient management of City government, and federal and state legislation and administrative regulations in which the City may have an interest (excerpted from “Rules of Order and Procedure of the City Council, City of Chicago, For Years 2007-2011).

Austin is also the Vice Chairman, Committee on Committees, Rules & Ethics and has membership on Committee on Finance; Committee on Health & Environmental Protection; Committee on Housing & Real Estate; Committee on Public Safety; Committee on Workforce Development & Audit; and Committee on Zoning, Landmarks & Building Standards. A former Chairman of the Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus, Austin now serves as its Secretary.