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Joseph Berrios, Chairman

CHICAGO (September 11, 2009) – The Cook County Democratic Party today endorsed its slate of candidates for federal, state, local and judicial elections in next year’s primary.

Slated candidates will run with the party’s endorsements in the February 2, 2010 Democratic Primary. Winners will then go on to the General Election on November 2.

“Today’s endorsement session puts forward a strong, diverse slate of candidates,” said Joseph Berrios, chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party. “These candidates are highly qualified, responsive and above all, pledged to the public trust.”

The slated candidates are: for U.S. Senate, Alexi Giannoulious; for Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn; for Attorney General, Lisa Madigan; for Secretary of State, Jesse White; for Comptroller, State Rep. David Miller; and for Treasurer, Robin Kelly.

For countywide office, the Democratic Party slated: Joseph Berrios, Assessor; David Orr, County Clerk; Tom Dart, Sheriff, and Maria Pappas, Treasurer. For the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District the party slated Michael Alvarez, Barbara McGowan and Mariyanna Spyropolous.

The slated judicial candidates are: for Appellate Court – Jim Epstein, Pamela Hill-Veal and Sebastian Patti with Jesse Reyes and Mary Rochford as alternates. For Circuit Court the endorsed candidates are: John Callahan, William Hooks, Tom Lyons, Diann Marsalek, Ray Mitchell, Linda Pauel and Sandra Ramos with Mathias Delort and Daniel Gallagher as alternates.

Candidates were not endorsed for lieutenant governor or president of the Cook County Board because none of the individuals in either race who made presentations to the slate making session received more than 50 percent of the vote, as required by Democratic Party rules.

The Cook County Democratic Party is made up of 80 ward and township committeemen who have weighted votes based on the most recent primary election. The committeeman slot is an elected, non-paid post to help the party slate candidates for various offices and to lead the ward/ township organizations to successful elections.

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