Cook County Democrats Meet to Discuss Retention of Judges


This morning the Cook County Democrats met and reviewed the endorsement of retention judges before the mid-term election. Based on its investigation and subsequent deliberations, the Judicial Retention Committee recommended without dissent that the Cook County Democratic party find Judge Matthew Coghlan “not recommended” for retention based on an independent investigation, which included courtroom observation as well as in person and phone interview with the judges. The Central Committee concurred unanimously, and all retention judges were endorsed except for Judge Matthew Coghlan who was found “not recommended.”

This was the first time in recent history a judge was not recommended by the Party for retention. It was difficult but necessary decision to maintain the high integrity of the Party’s values and mission.

The Cook County Democratic Party serves to attract, endorse, and support qualified Democratic candidates for office, to develop positions on issues of public importance, to advance the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, and to seek to improve the lives of the people of Cook County through effective, efficient and fair government.