Dates and Committee Chairs Announced for Pre-Slating and Slating


Pre-Slating will be held June 20-21 for countywide/statewide offices up for election in 2020. This is an opportunity to appear and present your credentials to the committeepeople of the party prior to slating in August. We encourage all potential candidates to participate in this process. Please contact us for information on what needs to be submitted prior to receiving a scheduled time to appear -- email or call (312) 263-0575.

Slating will be held August 15-16 for countywide/statewide offices up for election in 2020. This is where the party votes on candidates for endorsement. More information will be available as the dates get closer.

Here are the new committee chairs and vice-chairs for the relevant committees:

Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation (Pre-Slating) Committee:
Chair – Barrett Pedersen (Leyden Township)
Vice Chair – Jason Ervin (28th Ward)

Statewide Committee:
Chair – Michael Hastings (Orland Township)
Vice Chair – Antonio Munoz (12th Ward)

Countywide Committee:
Chair – Roderick Sawyer (6th Ward)
Vice Chair – Ted Mason (Elk Grove Township)

Supreme Court Committee:
Chair – Robert F Martwick Jr. (38th Ward)
Vice Chair – Tracy Katz Muhl (Northfield Township)

Appellate Court Committee:
Chair – Dean Maragos (New Trier Township)
Vice Chair – Pat Dowell (3rd Ward)

Circuit Court Committee:
Chair – Don Harmon (Oak Park Township)
Vice Chair – Michelle Harris (8th Ward)

We encourage all potential 2020 candidates to reach out to the relevant committee chairs and vice-chairs, and as many other committeepeople as possible ahead of slating in August.